Gen Con Indy 2010 Day 2 Thursday, August 5th

Posted by Igotnothing Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So the first day of running events for us. This was the day most of our events ran. We had a total of four different running today with one of those events running twice. What was really nice is that working with Gen Con and communicating back and forth with them we ended up all having our events in the same room for the entire convention. We had our events in Studio 6 of the Hyatt which is a small room in the corner by the elevators on the third floor. That room is great! It’s small so you don’t have to worry about trying to run your event over nine other tables. For our needs, fits just perfect. This is the second year in a row we have been fortunate enough to have our events there.

Joe started the day off early with an 8am running of his Heroes System, ‘Hell’s Pawnbreaker’. Joe said he had a good running. Joe thought he went a little heavy on the Role-Playing so he had to cut the final battle a little short but was able to finish up with no problems. Joe finished up around noon just about the time Dave Wulatin was running his first event of the day.

Meanwhile other members of The Evil Fleet (Bill and I) took in some shopping time in the old dealer’s room. As always there is way too much to see and buy, which of course being good gamers we felt obligated to due just that. We also got to see Dave Scheftel there as he came in that morning with his daughter. We like to start them off early in the Fleet!

At noon Dave Wulatin ran his first session of ‘Paranoia Trek IX: The Shangr-I-LAA Ripoff.’ Dave said he had a great run and I stopped buy and watched for a few minutes. His players were laughing and going along with the jokes and rolling along with the Role-Playing. Even took a few photos. Looks like the sock-puppets were a big hit again this year!

This was the first running of his event which finished up around 4pm. He had a second running of the same event at 7pm so it gave him a little time to go and have lunch and settle back for a little bit with his wife Judith.

We did have a little scare as Dave forgot to have back up character sheets on hand for the second running and one of his players took one of the character sheets. Fortunately we were able to use Bill’s laptop and had a new character sheet written up, printed and ready for him. We may hit a bump in the road every now and then but we do a pretty good job overcoming adversities!

Next event to run for the evening was Bill’s Call of Cthulhu, ‘Ice Station Omega.’ This was actually a redux for us as Bill and I ran this way back in 2003. We started off a little slow but ended with a bang! Final battle had Bill and I both on our feet directing the players as to what was happening in the battle. Turned out to be a very good running at the end. We had a lot of great players which made the event even better. We had a six hour slot but finished up a bit early. We were wrapped up and out of there by 10:30pm.

At 7pm Joe ran his second event of the con, Champions ‘All-Thrills Comics 1953’. Joe said he intended his ‘All-Thrills’ to be a little lighter than in the past with less deadly combat then in past years. Turns out he was wrong. Almost lost a character this year, but everything came out ok and Joe say over all it went really well. He was very happy with the way it ran.

Dave Wulatin also came back at 7pm to run his second session of ‘Paranoia Trek IX: The Shangr-I-LAA Ripoff.’ Again he had a great run and I could see him at the next table over from our event keeping his players in stitches. Although it seems he had some great players too as one of them started singing in Klingon! Only at Gen Con. Ran over and snapped a few photos again when he was doing the sock-puppet bit. They’re always a hit!

Dave also used prop toy cars for his two sessions which I was only too happy to lend him.

Dave said both his runnings went great. He was completely happy with the outcome(s).

I think the best part of this day was at one time all four of us were running events at the same time in the same room. Gave it a real feeling of a well organized group. It was for myself the best part of the day. At that moment in time between our three games running we had full tables for each event so we were servicing 21 players total. It was a good feeling and lets us remember why we run the events. Not just for ourselves but more for the players.

Everyone was wrapped up by 1am and we all headed back to our rooms for some much needed rest. Friday would bring another round of games for us and we wanted to be fresh for the players. Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day of games for The Evil Fleet!


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