Gen Con Indy 2010 Day 4 Saturday, August 7th

Posted by Igotnothing Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday was again light for us as we only had two events too run. However one was our annual ‘Can of Whupass’, our single biggest event.

 Joe started off running his event ‘Power Core: Grand Rapids’ at 8am. Man likes his early starts I guess. He said the event went very well and he was happy with how it turned out. He finished up with the event around noon and headed back to the hotel to rest up before ‘Can of Whupass’ that night.

 Because none of us were running any events that afternoon we decided to meet for a late lunch. We were all staying at the Home Wood Suites so we tried the sports bar on the corner named ‘Kilroy’s’ on the recommendation of one of our bellboys. It was Joe, Bill, Dave Wulatin and my self in attendance. Good call on his part as the food was excellent. Great new place for us to dine at in the future. We sat around and went over some of the highlights of our events. At this point I think we all pretty much agreed this was turning out to be one of our best Gen Cons ever. All the events had run smoothly up to that point. All events were sold out with full groups. The groups all enjoyed their selves very much and we had lots of them ask about getting on a mailing list. All the things that we run our events for were rolling out of our events this year. We were on a bit of a GMs high. Already we started saying “Next year I’m going to run……..” It’s a great feeling!

 After lunch we headed back to our rooms to rest up and prepare for our big event. We headed down stairs around 5:30pm to be sure to be ready for our 7pm start. It took us about 10 minutes to get everything, and there was a lot, packed into Judith’s car to take over to the Hyatt. Dave Wulatin headed over on foot to set up some help to get the stuff up to the room, while Judith and I drove over with all the goodies needed to run a ‘Can of Whupass’. Bill and Joe followed over in a cab. We all converged on the Hyatt at about the same time and soon had our stuff unloaded and heading up to the room in the elevator.

 Dave Wulatin was already there and we were going to have the room to ourselves tonight. Because of the size of our event Gen Con gave us the entire room of four tables for the rest of the night. No other events were scheduled but there were two pick up groups running in there. We politely told them that we would be using the entire room tonight and we needed about an hour to set up. They finished up what they could of their events and moved over to one of the other rooms that had open tables to finish the rest. When all is said and done at a ‘Can of Whupass’ we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-50 people in the room. No GM wants to put up with the kind of noise we make. We always warn others about that so they have an option to move if they want. Usually they do. Gamers are great anyway and most of the time they completely understand and move to another location. To all those who do, we like to say Thank You!

 It took us a little while to get set up but with everyone working together and even some of our returning past players pitching in to help we were set up in no time. It was like watching a well orchestrated scene change in a play. One second it was just four empty tables in a conference room, the next it was the setting for ‘Can of Whupass 2010: Pants on The Ground’.

While we consider ‘Can of Whupass’ our baby, in truth Dave Wulatin is the heart and soul of the game. The original premise was Dave’s, he comes up with all of the characters and does all the leg work preparing for this event all year. The only other person who does as much as Dave, if not more, is Judith. If it wasn’t for Judith’s incredible organizational skills and her ability to keep things running smoothly from behind the scenes, ‘Can of Whupass’ would be something akin to a time-bomb about to explode. Judith runs around and does more on that night than any one single other member of Evil Fleet. But we all do pitch in and Bill and Joe jumped in on the set up as well. They then settled in to do their play-by-play commentary for the event as Dr. Phil (Joe) and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Bill). Between their impromptu jokes and antics and some scripted out skits, Joe and Bill keep the players in stitches. And finally I throw in with the setup, muscle work and video taping/photo taking of the event.

 We were slotted for 25 players and actually we had 27 characters play in this year’s event. Some of those characters were shared characters so I think in all we had something like 33 players. What a sight! ‘Can of Whupass’ tends to bring out some of the best gamers/taunters/players at the Con. This year was no exception. As the night wears on it becomes harder and harder to taunt your opponent so we will sometimes suspend the taunts and go just with the battles. This was not the case for 2010. The taunts were great and they just kept coming ALL night long. As the players got eliminated they were able to choose the prizes they wanted from our ‘Prize Box’. Truth be told, our prize box was something actually like 8 boxes. I think the count of prizes we let each player take this year was 6 items each. Man we had a lot of stuff.

The players were great with their roleplaying, taunting and leading a helping hand. In the end there could only be one winner of ‘Can of Whupass’. And that winner was Brad Torres. Brad did an incredible job taunting his fellow players with his ‘Walken, Texas Ranger’, most of which brought uncontrollable laughter to the other players. Brad does a great job every year taunting and has won our ‘Best Taunter’ award before. This year was no exception Brad won both the main event and ‘Best Taunter’. Congratulations Brad! A well deserved win!
Of course if you’re gonna win ‘Can of Whupass’, well every king needs to be crowned…….in Silly String.
To say that we had a great event would be an understatement of galactic proportions. It was out of this world with some amazing taunts from veteran taunters and newbies alike. It was a hell of an event and with this wrapping up the last of our events for Gen Con we are definitely able to say this was our best Gen Con ever!


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