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Gen Con Indy 2010 Day 5 Sunday, August 8th

Posted by Igotnothing

Sunday. The final wrap-up for The Evil Fleet at Gen Con 2010. We didn’t run any events on Sunday so there wasn’t anything for us to do or prepare for except going home. There is a bid of ‘sadness’ when it comes to Sunday because it means the end of a great week spent together doing the things we like to do most. I’m sure this is feeling shared by many gamers at the end of the Con.

The only thing positive about it, is we know we ran excellent events this year. The smiles and laughter of our players at the end of our events is the proof for us. Our players would stick around after the events were over and ask us questions like; ‘What was your inspiration for this event? How do we prepare for them? How did we accomplish this little bit of presentation? Who are you guys?’ And feedback. We love that. They would tell us what they liked, what they thought would be better and what they really loved! For us, getting that feedback has always helped us run better events and put on better shows for our players. We had over 100 players for all of our events combined. What a rush!

Our final official thing was to get together at Hooters and have our annual, end of the Con lunch. Much as we did at our lunch on Saturday we talked about what was our best parts, highlights of this Con and what were thinking about doing next year.

As usual Bill, Joe, Dave Wulatin and I were joined by Judith for lunch. We also meet up with Mark and Tim, two of our home role-playing group who also played in ‘Can of Whupass’. It was a great lunch and we all had stories to pass on to each other. But like all good things it must come to an end. We finished up lunch and headed home with the vow that we would return next year with more of the best games we could come up with.

Until next year Gen Con.

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