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List Of Old Can Of Whupass Characters

Posted by Igotnothing

We've been doing this for so long that we have a huge number of old characters. While we will have many new ones this year, we won't have enough for all of the players. To assist players who will play an older character, we've made a list of all the old characters we still have in circulation, along with a brief description of each. The list also indicates which characters can be "shared" by two players. Hope this helps get your taunt juices flowing!



AA Team (Shared) Substance abuse celebs of your choice
Ambiguously Gay Duo (Shared) Ace and Gary
Angst Ridden Goth Vampire LARPer
Aslan the Cowardly Lion Gutless ruler of Narnia
Avatards (Shared) Stupid sci-fi aliens
Barry Bonds, the Incredible Bulk Green steroid raging ballplayer
Baywatch Nightrider Hasselhoff “tribute”
Big Bird Flu Sesame Street Typhoid Mary
Bizzarobama Alternate world president
Bill & Klaatu's Excellent Invasion (Shared) Day the Earth Stood Still...for Wyld Stallyns!
Bjorn Borg Tennis legend assimilated by Collective
Blade of Glory Vampire Hunting figure skater
Boratman Dark Knight of Kazakhstan
Buggernaut Porn star mutant
Buzz & Woody (Shared) Drug and Sex references in Pixar
C3PO'ED Angry, bitter droid
Captain Kirk du Soleil Star Trek legend joins travelling acrobats
Carrie-oke Singing telekinetic teenager
Cattletech Robotech western
Crappedon America Cap + poo jokes
Croaker Heath Ledger's dead Joker
David Caruso CSI Miami's Greek Chorus
Disgruntled Office Ninja Plans for vengeance thwarted when transferred
Dooku of Hazzard Red State Sith Lord
Dr. Zeuss Greek God who loves to rhyme
Dunder Twins (Shared) Mike Scott & Dwight Schrute as Super Friends
Edward Ted Kennedy as Twilight Vampire
El Ravager 1/3 of KODT's Untouchable Trio
Eminem Rapper as delicious candy
Eric Cartman South Park tyke
Father Christmas Santa cuts loose
Foxbat Only character from Hero System Champions 'verse
Fruit of the Doom Dr. Doom becomes a corporate sellout
Ghostbusting Greenkeeper Bill Murray tribute
Gleeks (Shared) Glee cast as space monkeys
Godly Smurf Doctor Manhattan as children's cartoon character
Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares on Elm Street
Grind House Dr. House as zombie killer
Groverine: Origins Sesame Street's answer to Wolverine
Grumpy Old Action Heroes(Shared) Incontinent Jones and Grambo
Hannah Montana Scarface's daughter
Harry Pothead, the Sorceror Stoned Hogwarts student who doesn't say no
Hellboy Wonder Robin gets cool
Hollywood Actress Yes, we built an entire character on eating disorders
Iron Manhattan Tony Stark, 3 sheets to the wind
James Gandalf-ini Sopranos star rules Middle Earth crime family
Jillian Michaels, the Biggest Abuser Screaming personal trainer
John Hancock 18th Century second-rate superhero
King Kahn Kirk's nemesis as giant ape
King of the Hills Have Eyes Hank Hill, cannibal
Knuckles the Thief 1/3 of KODT's Untouchable Trio
Kung Fu Panda Hungry martial artist
Lara Croft – Womb Raider! Angelina Jolie takes children
Last Wind-breaker Stinky M. Night
Mad Men Cthulhu ad agency
Michael Jackson Zombie Life imitates Thriller
Mike Tyson Chicken Boxing legend bit by radioactive poultry
Mrs. Butterworf Star Trek legend opens pancake house
Neo-poleon Dynamite Matrix nerd
Nunisher Maria von Trapp becomes vigilante
Ozzy Mandias Prince of Darkness as Watchmen villain
Phil Hellmouth Demonic, whiny poker pro
Pinocchio Team Disney World Police
Popeye the Sailor Moon Spinach eating anime figure
Professor Racer X Mutant rival to Speed Racer
Puss in Boots Shrek swordsman
Rorshcacca Watchman vigilante as Wookie
Rosie O'Donnell – the 300 Ex-talk show host as Spartan warrior
Sarah Palin – Going Rogue Former governor turned X-Man
Silver Nerfer Herald of Galactus that weakens MMORPGS
Simon Cowell: Judge “Dread” Idol/X-factor future cop
Sin Kitty Frank Miller's Sylvester
Slumdog: Bounty Hunter Poor Indian boy pursues criminals
Snooki Monster Sesame Street on Jersey Shore
Special Agent Jack Sparrow Pirate on “24”
Starbucks Caffeine addicted Viper pilot
Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter He was alive when we did this one
Stephen J. Hawkman Wheelchair bound genius of JLA
Stewie Griffin Baby evil genius
Street Mime Samurai All taunts are in mime
Stuntman Snake Burton Macready Kurt Russell tribute
Super Ex-Girlfriend Heroine with relationship issues
Sylar Spock Zack Quinto tribute
Team Fembot (Shared) Six and Cameron
Teflon Billy 1/3 of KODT Untouchable Trio
Tentacle Tubbie Cthulhu kiddie show
Terminator: Salvation! Killing Machine becomes TV preacher
Tony the Tiger Woods Philandering cereal icon
Unfrozen Viking Lawyer 21st century Norse barrister
Xena-phobe Anti-immigration mythology
Wesley Crusher Diary of a Wimpy Ensign

Ok get your taunts ready. Only 12 days left before Gen Con!!

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