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Gen Con 2011 Events!

Posted by Igotnothing

So we’re gearing up here at The Evil Fleet for this year’s Gen Con events. Once again we are running a variety of games. We brought back most of our long running games by our veteran GMs Dave Wulatin and Joe L. as well as our yearly dose of horror done Evil Fleet style.

So without further delay, I give you our events for Gen Con 2011!

Our signature ongoing spectacle with everyone’s favorite GM Dave Wulatin:

Can of Whupass 2011: A Triskaidekaphobic's Baker's Dozen of Olivia Wilde!
Why, yes. It IS our 13th year of running our signature event at Gen Con! Pop culture and gaming icons duke it out in the ring. It's the only slugfest where good roleplaying increases your chances to win! The only game with cool prizes for all players! The only game with color commentary by Triumph and Dr. Phil! It's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play, so stop by and see why so many call this "The Best Event at Gen Con!"

Our second longest running event run by Dave Wulatin:

Paranoia Trek X: Nemesi?...Nemesises?...Lots of Traitors!
Greetings, FED Sector Troubleshooters! Congratulations on surviving Jimm-Y-KRK, the Rash-U-KHN, a missing clone search, time travel, [classified], a Klin-G-ONN negotiation, a new clone generation, more time travel, and immortal INFRAREDs. Please complete your 10 yearcycle mission: to exhaust old plots, to pay lip service to source material, to boldly hammer the final nail before the reboot. That is all. The Computer is your friend.

There will be two sessions of this event.

Joe Linehan brings his unique twist-tie miniature JSA back for another fun year at Gen Con:

JSA: The Return of the Per Degaton
Setting the stage for Gen Con 2012’s ultimate battle, the Justice Society’s old time traveling enemy is back and determined to shape the world in his image for all time. This may be the most challenging Justice Society game yet and that’s saying something after over a decade of serving up justice Golden Age style!

This event also will have two sessions.

Joe Linehan’s All-Thrills Campaign features continuity and consequences without 30 pages of reading what happened at Gen Con 2007:

All-Thrills 1954: Bitter Fruit
In our 6th adventure, the heroes exiled from the United States, travel to South America where they confront a new enemy with a familiar connection to their past. The decisions they make will forever alter their world. This game features public access Golden Age heroes in a post World War II world with a grayer morality. We have six years of rich campaign history, but back story is kept to a page.

Joe Linehan is at it again with another comedy game:

Power Corps: Grand Rapids 2: Downsize This
Being a corporate superhero is tough enough without an economic recession. Will the team be downsized? Will they merged with Power Corps: Lansing? Utility Belts are for closers in this lighthearted Champions game designed for new and experienced Hero System players alike. The Office meets Justice League International in a game with both laughs and thrills.

And one more from the most prolific Joe Linehan:

Slaves of The Murder Emperor
A vile new enemy knows everybody’s darkest secrets and is using them to spread a cloud of death over Chicago. Only a handful of the city’s heroes can stand against this menace, but even they may not be enough to stop The Murder Emperor! Two-fisted pulp action inspired by heroes like The Spider and The Shadow.

Once again The Evil Fleet steps into the darker side of horror with a redux of Bill Maddock’s 2004 Call of Cthulhu event:

Heart of Darkness
1890: The Belgian Congo! Africa at last! The vast plains, the exotic creatures, the disease..oh my. You plunge headlong down the Congo River deep into the African bush in search of the renegade Colonel Kurtz. Hey, somebody should make a movie about this! Hmmm, What the hell it’s Call of Cthulhu! What more do you want?

Horror rears its ugly head again in Dave Cabrera’s Call of Cthulhu event:

Cajun Chaos
The American Civil War. Blue Vs Grey. Brother against Brother. The War Between the States. It was the deadliest war in American history which held the nation in a grip of terror. But it only scratched the surface of terror. Trapped behind enemy lines, lost in the Bayous of Louisiana and running for their lives, these surviving Union troops must escape before they fall prey to the Rebel forces. That’s the least of their problems. Seems Terror has decided to scratch back.

Eight events this year with two of those events running twice for a total of ten sessions. We have plans for lots of fun, surprises and excitement. We'll be updating with more information as it becomes available so check back in for an update

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