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Yaaarrrrr! Avast ye scallywags! This be the home of The Evil Fleet. The gaming group dedicated to bringing ye the best games possible! Check out our latest news below to see what evil plans we be brewin'.
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Gaming Links

Posted by Chad

Gen Con - The largest gaming convention in the Midwest.

BlackWyrm publishing - BlackWyrm is a publisher of roleplaying game books and novels in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. The owners are gamer geeks, and total Evil Fleet fanboys.

Chaosium Games - Home of Call of Cthulhu

Green Ronin Publishing - Home of Mutants & Masterminds RPG.

Hero Games - Home of Champions RPG.

Mongoose Publishing - Home of Paranioa RPG.

Our Other Pages

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This is a list of links to our other pages.

The Evil Fleet Call of Cthulhu page.
Page dedicated to our Call of Cthulhu events run by our GMs Bill Maddocks and David Cabrera.

What makes The Evil Fleet different from other gaming groups?

Posted by Chad

So you might be asking yourself:

What makes The Evil Fleet different from other gaming groups?
Why should you come to one of our gaming events instead of someone elses?

There are a lot of great events out there. We know because we've played in them. But there are some other events that aren't so good. What makes us different is:

1) We'll never run events just to get the badge or hotel discounts. We prefer quality over quantity

2) Each and every one of our events are play-tested before the convention. We do this well in advance of the convention to make sure we don't have any problems with the event, check the running length and to give us enough time to make revisions if necessary.

3) Each of our GMs write their own events and are responsible for making sure they have a great event. The other GMs in our group will make sure that the hosting GM does the very best job he can. If their event is not living up to our standard we will cancel it well before we submit our events for the conventions. We are our own toughest critics.

4) Each of our events is not only a game but is usually an entertaining show. We use sound, music, images, props, theatrics and in several cases more than one GM per event.

5) We want YOU the players to have fun. We don't run our events for ourselves, we run them for our players. We believe that if we put on quality events people will come back to us in the future. It's not about us, it's about you.

6) We take pride in our work. Lots of people may say that but we truly mean it. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying to us than having happy players at the end of our events. We want you to come back and we want to see you smile. We want you to say, 'This was the best event I have been at this year!' That is our reward.

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